Exquisite and divine menu options that will leave you and your loved one completely satisfied. The place takes on many forms, how big the dining area is and the atmosphere. No matter the size or style, it is meant to be a place to gather for everyday meals and special occasions. Garden Café is best known for serving mouthwatering dishes for more than 10 years. Try our in-house signature dishes or be surprised with our monthly created dishes by our renowned Executive Chef.


Temple Lounge

A delightful blend of dishes is just for you to try, brings together the warmth experience of what the Royal do eat inside the palace.

Garden cafe

Offers an intimate indoor and outdoor area that will provide you with a variety of choice from an afternoon tea, Smoothies, and some delightful snacks.



Are you looking for some sunset hour drinks? Or are you a cocktail lover, a beer and wine aficionado? Luckily, we have a selective list for you to choose from.


Cambodian Coffee

Coffee means more than a morning drink. It's an indulgence, a ritual, a small happy moment to start in the day. We are a supporter of home-grown products such as the famous coffee beans from Mondulkiri province. Ask our barista to prepare one cup for you during your stay.


Advance Booking

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